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  • Progressive Internationalization
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  • Abundant Labor Force
  • Good Relationship with Japan
  • About Southern Vietnam
Southern Vietnamese, being blessed with a prosperous natural environment, are generous, cheerful and social.

Một số chỉ số so sánh Nam – Bắc

  Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi Vietnam
Population (2012) 7.75mil 6.92mil 88.78mil
GDP growth rate (2012) 9.2% 8.1% 5.02%
GDP per capita (2012) US$ 3,870 US$ 2,240 US$1,520
FDI registered capital
(1998 - 2011)
US$ 32.0bil US$ 23.6bil -
  Ho Chi Minh City
Population (2012) 7.75mil
GDP growth rate (2012) 9.2%
GDP per capita (2012) US$ 3,870
FDI registered capital
(1998 - 2011)
US$ 320bil
Population (2012) 692mil
GDP growth rate (2012) 8.1%
GDP per capita (2012) US$ 2,240
FDI registered capital
(1998 - 2011)
US$ 236bil
Population (2012) 8,878mil
GDP growth rate (2012) 5.02%
GDP per capita (2012) US$1,520
FDI registered capital
(1998 - 2011)
(Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam and HCMC/Hanoi homepages)

Đặc tính vùng miền


Tropical weather with perpetual summer all year round

Although Vietnam has both a dry season and
rainy season, it is hot all year round and the highest temperature in any given season is guaranteed to be above 30°C.

Biggest economic city and consumption in  Vietnam

Has the highest population density in Vietnam, isfamous for high income standard and consumption trends.

Located in the hub of South East Asia

Lies at the intersection of Hong Kong - Singapore/Bangkok -Manila, right in the center of the ASEAN countries.



Temperate weather with 4 seasons

The 4 seasons bring a big temperature difference over the year. In summer, the highest temperature is over 35°C while the lowest one in winter is below 10°C.

Expansion through China - Vietnam relations

Land transportation is possible through the Hoa Nam area of China, making parts procurement and products export to China easy.

Parts supply to Japanese makers

Manufacturers for the Japanese domestic market (automobile/motorbike manufacturers) and export processing enterprises (assembly manufacturers) are gathering in the region.

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