• GeographicalSuperiority
  • Progressive Internationalization
  • Politics - Society -  Culture
  • Economic Growth
  • Abundant Labor Force
  • Good Relationship with Japan
  • About Southern Vietnam
  • Japan has committed more Official Developmental Aid (ODA) to Vietnam than any other country worldwide, providing aid in a number of areas from economic infrastructure such as the out-of-date power, transportation, and communications, to education and health care.
  • Japan also ranks number one in terms of cumulative FDI from 1998 to 2008.
  • In order to improve investment conditions in Vietnam, Japan has implemented the following initiatives.

- 2004

Japan - Vietnam Investment Agreement put into effect as an attempt to tighten relations between Japan and Vietnam and put out a call for more direct investment from Japan.

- 2005

Started Japan - Vietnam Joint Initiative, which involves both Japan and Vietnam drafting an action plan, and then reviewing/evaluating the progress of the plan together.

- 2009

Japan - Vietnam Economic Partnership Agreement came into effect with the purpose of facilitating and liberating the movement of people, goods, and money.

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