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  • Since the Doi Moi policy was adopted at the 6th Communist Party Congress in 1986, Vietnam has developed many open-minded policies to attract foreign investment. As a result, Vietnam has shown continual, high economic growth over the past quarter of century. Since 2000, growth of the Vietnamese GDP has remained high at over 5%.
  • Vietnam has showed remarkable economic and industrial growth from 2000 - 2010, with the GDP of the secondary sector (industries and construction) nearly quadrupling, and the GDP of the tertiary sector (service industry) tripling. Further growth is expected as the Vietnamese government aims to become an industrial country by 2020.
  • Following the expansion of domestic demand and increased inflow of direct foreign investment in recent years, the import of raw materials and intermediary goods has also grown causing a big trade deficit for the country. This has led to problems which have affected GDP growth, such as a weakening currency, inflation, etc. However, as the Vietnamese government is taking measures to control the inflation, it is expected that the GDP growth shall improve and the country shall shift towards stable growth.
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