• GeographicalSuperiority
  • Progressive Internationalization
  • Politics - Society -  Culture
  • Economic Growth
  • Abundant Labor Force
  • Good Relationship with Japan
  • About Southern Vietnam
Political System
  • The Vietnamese Communist Party is the single political party
    A Politburo consisting of 16 members runs a stable political regime
  • The three personages who make up the core of the Politburo are the General Secretary of the Central Committee the highest position of Vietnam Communist Party, President - Head of the State, and Prime Minister.
  • The Kinh people comprise 85~90% of the population. The remaining people are Chinese, Thai, Khmer or one of 53 other minority ethnic groups.
  • Vietnamese is official language. Recently, it has become common for young people to learn English.
  • The majority of the population is Buddhist. There is still a strong custom of respecting ancestors and elders.


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